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Teach you to distinguish a good set of office furniture

The best wood

One is posted solid wood: the main material is high-density board, surface mount solid wood in the furniture industry, also known as solid wood furniture, this furniture is not very high prices, such as 1.8m more than 2,000 in the market can be purchased, and is on the grade, but also durable, because the surface layer and the paint is solid wood moisture. Of course, there particleboard wood paste, this is no good high-density wood panels affixed to buy time to look at several, several hundred of these two blocks the wrong price.

One is all solid wood: the wood on both sides of the plate, sandwiching the wood side, but the price is high, 1.8m ordinary ex-factory price is probably a little more than 10,000. Redwood is much higher

Phoebe's office furniture, a price of 30 million or more, not ordinary people can afford. If the sub-grade, first, and certainly all solid wood, the second is wood composite, and the third is the plate, and the fourth is not environmentally friendly furniture, a low-level

Posted MDF wood grain paper is made​​, this cost is cheap, looks nice but not durable! , Sticky panel mostly to do with the cost of the sandwich board practical and durable medium
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