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The three general direction of modern office geomancy

Feng shui definition: as a percentage of test methods for houses, villages, tombs and other construction carried out by Luck forecast and set arrangements. Applied science: geography (a subject); social and cultural geography (two subjects) English name: geomancy; wind edema
   Feng Shui in the application of modern office in the modern office for many businesses, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, strengthen democratic governance, often using shared space design that has become characteristic of modern new office, which formed a new modern office space concept.
  Here's the three of modern office feng shui direction, detailed in a later article will be 11 reflected

  First, the organic sense, modern office must have a life, a vibrant business I believe you will be sadly heart.
   Modern office design office environment also focus on the study, the natural introduction of the indoor environment, green indoor and outdoor environment, office environment to the school of life, which is another characteristic of the modern office.
The emergence of modern machine learning, to make ergonomic office equipment in the request for increasing and improvement of scientific and office automation to the human work has brought great convenience. We are in full use in the design of the knowledge of ergonomics. A specific function and size requirements to be based sauce, these are the basic elements of office design.

  Second, that pleasure, in the modern light and spacious office environment, people will become more spiritual, it is not superstition

   Bright office environment is the office environment clean and bright colors, lighting layout is reasonable, there is plenty of sunshine, which is the office of the functional requirements of the decision. Bright colors in decorative work can give a pleasant mood, giving a clean feeling, while bright colors can also be increased during the day indoors with plenty of light.

  Third, a sense of order, only orderly environment, you will be awe of the company's leadership

  Office feng shui sense of order, is the repeated shape, rhythm, complete and concise. Office design is the use of this basic theory to create a quiet, peaceful and clean environment. Sense of order is an essential element of the design office. Office design in order to achieve the purpose, is also involved in a wide area, such as office furniture, style and color of the uniform, the regularity of the layout, size and color level office wall material unity of the formation of the ceiling and wall decoration, interior colors and reasonable flow of people oriented. These are closely related with the order, the order can be said that the office design plays in the most pivotal role.
   How to achieve the above points detailed in a later article we will explain the details of feng shui in the office furniture in how to actually use

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