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12 Ways leather care

First, erase the appearance of dust and dirt leather, and then the appearance of care and agents graze sofa one to two times (do not care to use products containing wax), which form in the dermis layer to maintain the appearance of film, so that the dirt is hard to deepen the dermis future pores. Such as leather sofas a home should be handled this way once

  Second, to prevent sharp scratching the leather, leather wallet if it is classified, and note that the money was stolen, ha ha

  Third, the summer should be home for a week. Do not wait to come back after cleaning dirty leather, it would be difficult to clean as is the. Many detergent is damaging to the leather, when cleaning is hard to see, and as time goes on the problem, and real leather, just like human skin, as demand for hard home for. Ability to make regular home for as long as your leather durable as new talent, to bring you the enjoyment of life.

  Fourth, the winter month and then wax will be home for a clean sofa. Leather belt would not, and Oh ~ because even in winter it is warm!

  Fifth, to prevent oil, pen, ink and other dirty leather. Found stains on leather, etc., should immediately clean with leather cleaner, leather cleaner if not, can dip a clean white towel a little alcohol wipe gently over blemishes, and then after a little wet towel dry, and finally maintenance agent care estimated LV .. so you will be enthusiastic about it, but also the need for such details, leather sofa, oh!

  Sixth, in order to extend the use life of the body with sweat and can not directly contact with the sofa ..

  Seven, leather must adhere to ventilation, can not be bored in one place long, like shoes on a corner for a long time after that very old


  Eight, to prevent direct sunlight leather, especially automotive window film to do well, and the best cook Julian, summer is best covered with a hood.

  Nine leather sofa measures to avoid mildew. As the moist conditions is an important leather mildew, dirt and animal (human sweat mostly dirt) and the higher mold temperature is an important condition, which should be placed on the leather dry environment. Frequent use of leather, even in moist environments, if added with the Pledge soft home for care agent, it is not moldy. If a long time, then use leather cleaner to clean clean, and then on the soft leather care agent home for, so it can effectively prevent mildew. Such as the leather bag in the refrigerator next to a long time on a mildew

  Ten, leather care must be comprehensive, not just care, access, do not care to have access to the place, otherwise mildew can infect oh, for example, there are many parts of the leather chair he was sitting when people often reach

  XI, with the Pledge is to avoid the maintenance of leather products containing corrosive chemicals products

  XII wet leather must be dry after the ventilation, avoid exposure. Otherwise, easy to aging

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