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Doors in 2012 will be more emphasis on environmental protection technology

Low-carbon green wooden doors leading into the 2010's the focus of product trends, companies have to seize the doors of low carbon environmental goods consumers of psychological, raced to offer environmental doors to attract consumers, the trend in wood in 2011 doors will be the main trend of what?
Wooden products for five years engaged in the design of architect Mr. Shaw that "Throughout the doors of the market in 2011, can be found in low-carbon products into the doors of the main trend of the market, with the doors of the market continues to improve and develop the future wood wooden door design will play a more important development role in the coming year will follow the wooden product development trend in 2011, will be intelligent, humane, personalized interpretation of the head. "
It is understood that the rapid development of wood industry, making the wooden furniture market to gradually into them, although the design concept has not been paying attention to most doors of businesses, product design has been copied repeatedly occurred in the present, but with the wood door industry, door decoration idea is increasingly evident, with the door design is gradually changing people's attitudes towards personal and artistic direction.
China doors for the development trend in 2011, the industry that there are two main aspects: First, more furniture, wooden doors of; Second personalized wooden material, the use of technology. In addition to paint outside the class door, glass, easy to clean and fashion has been in extensive use of wooden products, as well as more aggressive use of new materials to meet the design creativity and personality.
Doors of the industry, said: "2012 will follow the wooden product design in 2011, continues to go green low-carbon route to a deeper level of direction and now many doors of corporate design concept from abroad, the name of the concept of Europe and America imports the cover, but often neglect to combine elements of domestic design, referring to foreign elements of the blame can be constrained mechanical handling is an important reason for the wood industry. "
In other countries, Korea has a wooden appearance of avant-garde, and people's living habits were almost identical; and American-style doors for the luxury villa, blowing an idyllic (microblogging) wind. Then, when they rapidly popular, many people are asking, where Chinese-style wooden doors? In fact, companies now have a lot of doors in the introduction of foreign elements, he began to combine the characteristics of brand design products , design is increasingly in-depth development of enterprises.
Door design is an important constraining factor in development of the industry, not the product design is not life, in the upcoming 2012 design innovation performance in the wood industry to become more prominent, wooden products from raw materials selection , the product is more environmentally friendly technology and other aspects.

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